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Approval of the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 spec by the Java Community Process has been received well by other members of the technology community, including JBoss, which is a Java EE licensee. Sun is calling Java EE 5 "the most significant update of the programming model to the Enterprise Java development platform since the launch of J2EE 1.2 in December 1999." From the perspective of JBoss, the announcement's Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 dimension is of high importance. According to Sun, EJB 3.0 "greatly simplifies the programming model by supporting Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs), which can easily be converted to Web Services with Annotations or made persistent using the Java Persistence API." JBoss issued a comment through company CTO Sacha Labourey (pictured), who said, "Simplicity is the guiding principle behind the JBoss Enterprise Middl... (more)

Red Hat Ownership "Not the Huge Positive I was Hoping For," Says JBoss's Fleury

While assuring a journalist this week that he is not the one "wagging the dog" any longer - a reference to the $400M sale of JBoss to Red Hat - JBoss founder Marc Fleury, who is now "Senior Vice President and General Manager of the JBoss division, Red Hat," expressed frustration at Red Hat's continuing lack of investment in JBoss's ongoing R&D. Marc Fleury dancing for SYS-CON.TV viewers. Watch video here Although, since the acquisition, Red Hat "really haven't gotten in the way" (Fleury's somewhat blunt phrase), he noted in the interview that "the R&D really hasn't benefited from a huge investment, which I was hoping for and was the main reason I went to Red Hat." ... (more)

Red Hat Puts Fedoras on IaaS & PaaS

Red Hat took a flying leap Wednesday and landed with both feet on the cloud where it hopes to knock VMware, which it perceives as its biggest enemy, for a loop. It announced that it's going into both the Infrastructure-as-a-Service and the Platform-as-a-Service business, pushing past its year-old first-generation Cloud Foundations widgetry. It calls the beta IaaS effort CloudForms and the not-yet-ready-for-prime-time PaaS solution OpenShift. CloudForms is described as a collection of upwards of 60 open source projects that can be used to automate the creation of private and hybrid clouds and - thanks to built-in ALM - manage multi-tier applications across multiple clouds, virtualization platforms and heterogeneous physical servers because the widgetry exploits Red Hat's Deltacloud APIs. It supports Amazon, IBM and NTT Communications clouds along with Red Hat and ... (more)

Appeon Version 6.5.1 Released!

**Hot News** What's new in Appeon 6.5.1 New Supported PowerBuilder Features Support the encoding argument for DataWindow SaveAs function and File functions. Support CSV file type for ImportFile function. Support more Section 508 properties: AccessibleName, AccessibleDescription, & AccessibleRole properties of PB controls Inet object supports https address (this feature is available in Appeon only, not in PB) New Features in Appeon Developer Support deploying to J2EE and .NET servers at one time Appeon Deployment Wizard and Appeon Web Application Package Wizard can now deploy an application to Appeon Servers of different type (J2EE and .NET) at the same time. Support replacing files in application package.  Appeon Web Application Package Wizard allows you to replace files in the package with files from external source. Support whether to start a transaction for a store... (more)

JBoss Teams with Librados

(July 24, 2003) - JBoss Group LLC has entered into a co-marketing agreement with Librados Inc., a provider of J2EE-standards based application integration software. Under the agreement, Librados has joined the JBoss Preferred Affiliates™ Program. Achieving more than 2 million downloads in 2002 alone, and on track to reach three million downloads in 2003. JBoss is the industry's fastest-growing Java application server. Through the partnership, using the Librados Enterprise Integration Component Server (EICS) and a family of pre-built JCA Adapters, Java developers can perform simple or complex application integration quickly and easily from the JBoss server or a Web server environment. Librados is reducing the cost of application integration by offering either royalty-free source code to independent software vendors, or extremely low-cost software to customers with it... (more)

JBoss Joins the JCP - But J2EE License Issue Still Unresolved

(September 24, 2003) - With the stated goal of promoting Java, JBoss Group LLC has joined the Java Community Process (JCP). Under the agreement, JBoss developers can now participate in the expert groups that develop Java standards, including J2EE. Like all commercial entities, JBoss will pay Sun $5,000 annually to qualify for JCP participation. JBoss developers had previously joined the JCP, but on an individual basis; now JBoss is a JCP member as a corporate entity. "JCP is pleased to see JBoss join the community and welcomes their contributions through the community; it's a commitment to compatibility," said Onno Kluyt, director, JCP PMO. Unresolved is the issue of whether JBoss should pay to license J2EE. JBoss says it should be exempt from paying for the Technology Compatibility Kit, because of its open-source base. The TCKs can cost from tens to hundreds of tho... (more)

JBoss & IONA Enter "Open-Ended" Pact

With more than four million downloads since its inception, JBoss is ready for prime time. What better time, then, to announce a strategic alliance with integration specialists IONA Technologies? What the JBoss Group gets out of such a pact is the acceleration of the adoption of the JBoss application server at a time when open source is becoming an increasingly attractive option for enterprise customers. What IONA gets is the opportunity to forge new enterprise-level relationships within those organizations. As the IONA announcement accompanying the agreement puts it, "The alliance offers [our] customers a compelling value proposition, bringing together IONA's expertise in solving and supporting the integration needs of the world's most complex and highly distributed enterprise systems, with the industry's most popular open source application server." JBoss founder ... (more)

$10 Million "Infusion" for JBoss

After announcing just last week that Q4 of 2003 was "the most successful of the company’s history in terms of strategic initiatives, product expansion and customer and partner growth," JBoss inc. has now announced even bigger news: the securing of $10 million in VC financing. The $10 million is the result of what the company describes as "an oversubscribed first round of venture financing" led by Matrix Partners, with the participation of Accel Partners. The new funds, JBoss Inc says, will be used "to strengthen the company’s profitable balance sheet and support product development, infrastructure build-out, and marketing" - allowing JBoss to ramp up to meet growing enterprise demand for the JBoss application server and support services. In addition, one of Matrix's general partners, serial entrepreneur, David Skok - previously the founder and CEO of SilverStream Sof... (more)

Flashback: Investing in 'Professional Open Source' - Exclusive 2004 Interview with David Skok, Matrix Partners

April: Exclusive Interview with Dale Fuller This past February David Skok's new VC firm - Matrix Partners - orchestrated, with Accel, a $10 million investment in JBoss, Inc. This first round of funding in an open source company was a bold play, but then David Skok, famous in the Java arena as the founder of SilverStream Software - acquired by Novell in 2002 - is no stranger to bold moves. The first question then, naturally enough, is to ask Skok whether this investment is somehow a contradiction, or whether there is indeed money to be made from open source? "We think that there's definitely money to be made," Skok says without hesitation. "Red Hat's a clear example," he adds. "They're now profitable on around a $100m annual revenue run-rate. And we're still in the early days of the open source movement."   Curious about the business model he sees underlying OSS, I ... (more)

"Middleware Is Still in its Infancy," Says JBoss's Fleury

JDJ Industry Perspective: The End of Middleware by Jonathan Schwartz, President & Chief Operating Officer, Sun Microsystems Investing in 'Professional Open Source' - Exclusive JDJ Interview with David Skok, Matrix Partners Creative Science Systems: Middleware for the Masses "Middleware Is Alive and Well, Thanks!" Says TMC's Deshpande It's the Aspects A new paradigm by JBoss's Bill Burke Is middleware becoming commoditized, as Sun's Jonathan Schwartz contends? Or is it a continuing growth area, as "professional open source" advocate Marc Fleury, CEO of JBoss Inc., maintains? Fleury is not the first to disagree with Schwartz. Salil Deshpande, CEO of The Middleware Company said, in response to his remarks about the "end" of middleware: "Saying that middleware is history is like saying our nation's highways, railways, and waterways are history. They are boring when workin... (more)

JBoss Extends Its "Disruptive" Software Model to Java BPM

Related Links: Investing in 'Professional Open Source' - Exclusive JDJ Interview with David Skok, Matrix Partners "Professional Open Source" - VP Discusses JBoss's Venture Funding Strategy How Will Companies Ever Make Money Off Open-Source? "The 'Professional Open Source' model pioneered by JBoss, Inc. is proving to be a disruptive software model, first in the application server space and now in business process management." With those words, JBoss chairman and CEO Marc Fleury unveiled the Java Business Process Management (jBpm) project, now renamed "JBoss jBPM."  The founder and lead developer of the Java Business Process Management Project, Tom Baeyens, is now joining JBoss full-time as the architect of JBoss jBPM and will oversee the evolution of the product. In addition, Fleury added, JBoss is unveiling a significant upgrade to jBpm 1.0, which has been shipping for... (more)