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April: Exclusive Interview with Dale Fuller This past February David Skok's new VC firm - Matrix Partners - orchestrated, with Accel, a $10 million investment in JBoss, Inc. This first round of funding in an open source company was a bold play, but then David Skok, famous in the Java arena as the founder of SilverStream Software - acquired by Novell in 2002 - is no stranger to bold moves. The first question then, naturally enough, is to ask Skok whether this investment is somehow a contradiction, or whether there is indeed money to be made from open source? "We think that there's definitely money to be made," Skok says without hesitation. "Red Hat's a clear example," he adds. "They're now profitable on around a $100m annual revenue run-rate. And we're still in the early days of the open source movement."   Curious about the business model he sees underlying OSS, I ... (more)

JBoss: Step Up and Be Certified

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Java Community Process, there were difficulties for certain large scale open-source projects to get access to the necessary tools and testing kits to validate themselves as truly Java-compliant. One such project was the popular JBoss application server. However with the advent of JCP2.5, these restrictions have now been lifted which allows JBoss to now certify itself as true J2EE compliant application server. Sun has only this week released the necessary legal hurdles that were preventing JBoss from moving forward. In an exclusive interview with Rick Saletta from Sun Microsystems, Rick told JDJ that Sun was very keen to involve JBoss in the process to prevent further fragmentation of the J2EE space. JBoss have been vocal activists against the rules imposed by the previous JCP process that disallowed them from becoming fully compl... (more)

Will Oracle Buy JBoss?

During the recent Sun / Oracle Town Hall Meeting, which was broadcast live by SYS-CON.TV from the Auditorium at Oracle Headquarters, Scott McNealy's first question to Larry Ellison was: "So Larry, everybody here wants to know, right up front so we can take this off the table, get the big announcement out of the way, are you buying Sun?" Ellison's answer to this opening question was, "Well, you know Scott, as you will see in the newspapers, it turns out Oracle's strong preference is to do everything hostilely." The audience responded to both McNealy's question and Ellison's answer with laughter. In less than two weeks after this televised event, the rumor in Silicon Valley is that Oracle is in talks with JBoss to acquire them, although neither company so far publicly confirmed or denied this acquisition rumor. This move, if it's true, follows on Oracle’s highly... (more)

Red Hat Executives Live from Red Hat Summit on September 2

Red Hat announced that members of Red Hat’s executive team will host a press conference that will be broadcast live via webcast from the Red Hat Summit in Chicago on September 2, 2009 at 12pm EST. To view the webcast, please visit here. Red Hat, the world's leading open source solutions provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with over 65 offices spanning the globe. CIOs ranked Red Hat as one of the top vendors delivering value in Enterprise Software for five consecutive years in the CIO Insight Magazine Vendor Value survey. Red Hat provides high-quality, affordable technology with its operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, including JBoss Enterprise Middleware. Red Hat also offers support, training and consulting services to its customers worldwide. Learn mor... (more)

JBoss 4.0 First to Apply Aspect-Oriented Programming Framework to Java Application Server

(June 2, 2003) - The developer edition of JBoss 4.0 is available now, providing a range of services previously unavailable in any J2EE application server. The new services are enabled by the Java application server industry's first implementation of an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) framework. The framework allows developers to interact with the server in a very intuitive manner, making it easier to design, develop, deploy, and maintain enterprise Web applications. The most popular Java-based application server in use today, JBoss is expected to reach three million downloads in 2003. Employees of JBoss Group and developers from the open source community worked together to produce JBoss 4.0. It is designed for use by Java developers, systems administrators, and ISVs. A version intended to support enterprise applications in production will be available in the fourt... (more)

Getting to the Core of Open Source Development

(June 5, 2003) - Yesterday a new entity burst onto the US corporate stage - "Core Developers Network LLC." Its aim: to provide consultancy services to a wide range of Java open-source technologies as well as some mainstream products such as Oracle. What's the big deal? Well, there is none. It's just another company coming onto the market and we wish them the best of luck in their new venture, especially in this still-slow economy. But looking at the core individuals of this new company, we do see something a little more interesting. The clue is in their name: Core Developers Network. They are some of the core developers of the popular open-source project JBoss. Now the story does get a little more colorful from here on in. JBoss already has an official consultancy arm, The JBoss Group. This is a company formed to make money from selling services and support to the pr... (more)

JBoss & IONA Enter "Open-Ended" Pact

With more than four million downloads since its inception, JBoss is ready for prime time. What better time, then, to announce a strategic alliance with integration specialists IONA Technologies? What the JBoss Group gets out of such a pact is the acceleration of the adoption of the JBoss application server at a time when open source is becoming an increasingly attractive option for enterprise customers. What IONA gets is the opportunity to forge new enterprise-level relationships within those organizations. As the IONA announcement accompanying the agreement puts it, "The alliance offers [our] customers a compelling value proposition, bringing together IONA's expertise in solving and supporting the integration needs of the world's most complex and highly distributed enterprise systems, with the industry's most popular open source application server." JBoss founder ... (more)

JBoss Group Commits to J2EE 1.4 Certification for JBoss Open Source Java Application Server

JBoss Group LLC announced this week that it has reached an agreement with Sun Microsystems, Inc. to license the J2EE 1.4 technology compatibility kit to certify the industry's most popular open source, Java-based application server, JBoss. In an exclusive statement to JDJ, JBoss explains their take on certification: "JBoss Group's commitment to J2EE certification for the JBoss application server is part of our strategy of delivering Professional Open Source, this means making Open Source the "safe" choice for enterprise IT. As JBoss is increasingly used in development and production in large government and corporate IT environments, we recognize the importance of accommodating the level of people in the application server decision-making process, for whom J2EE certification is important. Another driving force in our push for certification has been our software and s... (more)

"Middleware Is Still in its Infancy," Says JBoss's Fleury

JDJ Industry Perspective: The End of Middleware by Jonathan Schwartz, President & Chief Operating Officer, Sun Microsystems Investing in 'Professional Open Source' - Exclusive JDJ Interview with David Skok, Matrix Partners Creative Science Systems: Middleware for the Masses "Middleware Is Alive and Well, Thanks!" Says TMC's Deshpande It's the Aspects A new paradigm by JBoss's Bill Burke Is middleware becoming commoditized, as Sun's Jonathan Schwartz contends? Or is it a continuing growth area, as "professional open source" advocate Marc Fleury, CEO of JBoss Inc., maintains? Fleury is not the first to disagree with Schwartz. Salil Deshpande, CEO of The Middleware Company said, in response to his remarks about the "end" of middleware: "Saying that middleware is history is like saying our nation's highways, railways, and waterways are history. They are boring when workin... (more)

JBoss Developer's Notebook Released

JBoss isn't an ordinary open source project. It isn't an ordinary J2EE application server, either. In fact, as Norman Richards and Sam Griffith, Jr. point out in their new book, "JBoss: A Developer's Notebook" (O'Reilly, US $29.95), there's something special about JBoss. For example, JBoss is one of few open source, community-driven projects that have found commercial success without betraying their roots. Although JBoss is freely available for any purpose, it's backed by a real company, JBoss, Inc., whose hundred-plus full-time employees fuel the continued development of the project. They also provide training and support for those who need the reassurance of having strong vendor backing.  But more extraordinary is the technology itself. JBoss began as an open source EJB container project back in 1999. Six years later, JBoss 4.0 is a full J2EE 1.4-certified application... (more)

SOA World Conference & Expo SYS-CON.TV Power Panel Live From Times Square

View "SOA World Conference & Expo" Power Panel Executives from IBM, BEA, JBoss, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun debated diverse aspects of their application server offerings. A discussion of price points, from the JBoss open-source model which emphasizes service revenues, to the more traditional business models from most of the other vendors was followed by a discussion of the technical merits of each platform and how each company is uniquely striving to serve what it perceives as its customers' needs. The six industry experts involved in the Shoot-Out this year were Mark Heid (IBM), Gary McBride (BEA),  Shaun Connolly (JBoss), Dino Chiesa (Microsoft), Mike Lehmann (Oracle), and Rich Sharples (Sun). The panel predictably discussed open source, but in ways that might have been unexpected.  One of the more interesting discussion points, posed by Yakov Fain, for example, invol... (more)