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This Week in Website Performance is a weekly feature of the blog. It summarizes recent articles about website performance. Why? Because your friends at care. How Bon-Ton Online Stores Fixed a Safari Bug In Time For The Holidays Author: Andreas Grabner. While it would be great to test for every possible platform that will access a website, this is clearly not practical. Bon Ton has developed a methodology to respond to customer complaints of untested configurations, in order to assess the scope and impact of the problem. This blog entry walks us through finding a cookie bug in Safari – a platform they did not specifically test for – utilising their 4 step problem-finding approach. Performance Tuning Windows 2012: Network Subsystem–Part 1 Author: Ard-Jan Barnas. This preliminary article in a series of network tuning for windows 2012 describes the... (more)

Java-Based, Open Source JBoss Server Featured in Mac OS X 'Panther' Server

(July 10, 2003) - JBoss Group LLC will be offering professional support services to customers using Mac OS X version 10.3 "Panther" Server, which features the open source JBoss application server. JBoss Group will offer a full range of enterprise-level services, including support, training, and consulting services. "Apple's decision to embed the JBoss server continues a trend in which many of the leading hardware, OS and software vendors are bundling our core technology," said Marc Fleury, president and founder of JBoss Group. "JBoss is becoming the default standard for building enterprise Web applications because of its robust features, rock-solid stability, high quality and the services available from JBoss Group, such as the ability to provide enterprise customers with 24 X 7 support." The new Panther Server incorporates the JBoss application server for running ... (more)

Migrating a JBoss EJB Application to WebLogic

The JBoss open source application server is commonly used in the development phase of a J2EE project. In the production phase the commercial BEA WebLogic server is preferred because of its enhanced set of features. Without modifications, an application developed in JBoss does not deploy in WebLogic server. The deployment descriptors for the WebLogic server are different from the JBoss deployment descriptors. An application may be migrated to WebLogic by converting the vendor-specific deployment descriptors to WebLogic. In this tutorial an EJB application developed in JBoss will be migrated to WebLogic with MySQL as the database. Preliminary Setup Download and install the BEA WebLogic server ( &FP=/content/products/weblogic/server). Create a server domain. Download the MySQL JDBC driver JAR file ( (more)

Configuring JMX in WebSphere 8.5

Like most application servers, WebSphere 8.5 has a rich management infrastructure based on JMX, or Java Management Extensions. In fact, the WebSphere administration console uses JMX to connect to the server to issue queries and perform administrative operations. In a previous post I showed you how to secure JBoss’ JMX connector. While there is a lot of information out there on how to connect to WebSphere via JMX, most of the examples involve either disabling SSL, or worse – disabling security globally. So let’s see how we can access WebSphere’s JMX connector remotely in a secure way. Like most things WebSphere, this could look very daunting at first, but once done, you will have a reliable and secure setup. First, a Little Background Historically most JMX implementations used the simple JMXMP protocol as the underlying transport. The newer versions of the the JMX Spe... (more)

Red Hat Raids VMware

Red Hat has raided VMware, which it sees as its biggest rival, and carried off Scott Munson, VMware's director of global strategic alliances responsible for developing and executing a strategic and technical alliance collaboration model that leveraged key partner strengths and initiatives. It has named Munson its VP of global strategic alliances. He will be responsible for Red Hat's global alliance, system integrator and ISV relationships, and will manage Red Hat's strategic relationships with HP, IBM, Dell and Cisco. He's supposed to develop joint business plans with partners and develop assets around Red Hat technologies with an eye to moving end users to its idea of an open hybrid cloud. Munson worked at NCR, HP and Dell before his stint at VMware. ... (more)

Using XL Deploy and Docker Together: 5 Benefits for Enterprises

Every so often, I hear that you don’t need deployment automation tools when working with Docker. However, speaking for one of those tools—XL Deploy—I can tell you that you’re missing out on many advantages that will make deploying applications in a complex enterprise environment a lot easier. XL Deploy (or XLD for short) is a leading deployment automation software for enterprises. Enterprises use XL Deploy to automate and standardize their complicated deployment processes. Docker, of course, is one of the most popular tool ecosystems built in this decade. It has captured the developer’s imagination by providing the right set of abstractions that make it easy to deploy and scale applications. Docker changes the way an enterprise thinks about applications. With Docker, the application is a unit of shipment. Docker image not only packages the application but also all ... (more)

JBoss to be Incorporated with WebMethods Integration Platform

(November 12, 2002) - JBoss has experienced phenomenal growth since its creation in 1999, with over two million downloads to date and a continued rate of 150,000 downloads per month. Now, webMethods, Inc. is incorporating the JBoss application server directly within its integration platform. This merging of technologies will give customers the freedom to combine business and integration logic directly within the webMethods integration platform. The JBoss application server provides webMethods' customers with a powerful J2EE-based solution to meet their development needs. Many large and small companies are rapidly adopting this application server technology. webMethods predicts that the incorporation of the JBoss application server within its integration platform will have numerous benefits. Customers will be able to reduce licensing and operating costs by no longer nee... (more)

Flashback: Investing in 'Professional Open Source' - Exclusive 2004 Interview with David Skok, Matrix Partners

April: Exclusive Interview with Dale Fuller This past February David Skok's new VC firm - Matrix Partners - orchestrated, with Accel, a $10 million investment in JBoss, Inc. This first round of funding in an open source company was a bold play, but then David Skok, famous in the Java arena as the founder of SilverStream Software - acquired by Novell in 2002 - is no stranger to bold moves. The first question then, naturally enough, is to ask Skok whether this investment is somehow a contradiction, or whether there is indeed money to be made from open source? "We think that there's definitely money to be made," Skok says without hesitation. "Red Hat's a clear example," he adds. "They're now profitable on around a $100m annual revenue run-rate. And we're still in the early days of the open source movement."   Curious about the business model he sees underlying OSS, I ... (more)

SOA World Conference & Expo SYS-CON.TV Power Panel Live From Times Square

View "SOA World Conference & Expo" Power Panel Executives from IBM, BEA, JBoss, Microsoft, Oracle, and Sun debated diverse aspects of their application server offerings. A discussion of price points, from the JBoss open-source model which emphasizes service revenues, to the more traditional business models from most of the other vendors was followed by a discussion of the technical merits of each platform and how each company is uniquely striving to serve what it perceives as its customers' needs. The six industry experts involved in the Shoot-Out this year were Mark Heid (IBM), Gary McBride (BEA),  Shaun Connolly (JBoss), Dino Chiesa (Microsoft), Mike Lehmann (Oracle), and Rich Sharples (Sun). The panel predictably discussed open source, but in ways that might have been unexpected.  One of the more interesting discussion points, posed by Yakov Fain, for example, invol... (more)

JBoss Shuffles Management Team Hires New VP of Engineering

JBoss, Inc. announced the expansion of its executive management team to boost operations and development for a rapidly growing Fortune 500 customer base, while maintaining its edge as one of the most innovative technology companies today. With triple-digit growth in 2005, JBoss is enhancing its management team to support continued gains in market share and enterprise adoption of the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite (JEMS) in the coming year. The new executive appointments are: Rob Bearden, vice president of sales and marketing, has been promoted to the position of chief operating officer, with responsibility for those organizations as well as service delivery and operations. Since joining JBoss in June 2004, the former Oracle and i2 Technologies executive has been instrumental in building the company's sales and marketing groups. Under his leadership, JBoss consist... (more)

JavaOne 2006: Fleury Dons Red Hat as JBoss Supports EJB

JBoss, Inc. announced plans at JavaOne 2006 in San Francisco to submit a proposal to the Java Community Process (JCP) to standardize Web Beans. The Web Beans standard initiative will aim to bridge the artificial gap between Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 and JavaServer Faces in the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5 (Java EE 5) architecture. The company is looking for a result that entails "a simpler, more elegant, unified programming model for web development," according to an official release. JBoss CEO Marc Fleury wore his authentic French paratrooper's beret, ie his 'Red Hat,' during his participation in the opening keynote at JavaOne 2006 in San Francisco. Fleury was on hand to participate in announcement of the company's support of a standardized, unified component model for EJB. Fleury, pictured with new Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz, also said that the acquisitio... (more)